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December 24, 2015 News! The CCEA 2016 submission is open now. (Click)

August 31, 2015 News! The CCEA 2015 was successfully held in Hong Kong. (Click)

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November 10, 2014, News! The 2015 conference submission is open now.

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January 5, 2014, News! In order to enrich our conference, there will be an Academic Official Visit in Tamkang University on 28 August, 2014.

General Information

2016 7th International Conference on Chemical Engineering and Applications (CCEA 2016) will be held during July 7-9, 2016, Shanghai, China. (2016年第7届化学工程及应用会议将于2016年7月7-9号在中国上海举行). CCEA 2016, is to bring together innovative academics and industrial experts in the field of Chemical Engineering and Applications to a common forum. The primary goal of the conference is to promote research and developmental activities in Chemical Engineering and Applications. Another goal is to promote scientific information interchange between researchers, developers, engineers, students, and practitioners working in Shanghai and abroad. The conference will be held every year to make it an ideal platform for people to share views and experiences in Chemical Engineering and Applications and related areas.


All full paper submissions will be peer reviewed and evaluated based on originality, technical and/or research content/depth, correctness, relevance to conference, contributions, and readability. 


CCEA 2016 will be published in International Journal of Chemical Engineering and Applications (IJCEA, ISSN:2010-0221), and all papers will be indexed by Chemical Abstracts Services (CAS), Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, CABI, DOAJ, Electronic Journals Library, Google Scholar, Engineering & Technology Digital Library, ProQuest, and Crossref.


One Excellent Paper will be selected from each oral session. The Certificate for Excellent Papers will be awarded after each session.


Important Dates


Last Round


Paper Submission (Full Paper)                                                                                             Before May 10, 2016
Notification of Acceptance                                                                                                         On May 25, 2016
Final Paper Submission                                                                                                       Before June 10, 2016
Authors' Registration                                                                                                            Before June 10, 2016
CCEA 2016 Conference Dates                                                                                                        July 7-8, 2016

One Day Tour                                                                                                                                   July 9, 2016


Round I


Paper Submission (Full Paper)                                                                                            Before March 10, 2016
Notification of Acceptance                                                                                                          On April 10, 2016
Final Paper Submission                                                                                                        Before April 30, 2016
Authors' Registration                                                                                                             Before April 30, 2016
CCEA 2016 Conference Dates                                                                                                        July 7-8, 2016

One Day Tour                                                                                                                                   July 9, 2016

Parts of the Conference
Arrival&Registration (1st Day )

The first day is all about registration, participants are supposed to sign in at the conference venue and collect all the conference materiails at the registration counter on this day.

However, the registration is still open on the 2nd day of the conference within the same time.

Openning Remarks&Keynote Speech (2nd Day morning)

The conference chair will be hosting a opening ceremony in the morning, and all the participants are supposed to be there, then the keynote speakers will deliver their spectacular speeches and share their cutting-edge research fruits with the participants. During the intermission, there will be a photo session for all the participants to take a group photo.

Author Presentation in Sessions (2nd Day)

Participants' presentations are divided into different sessions based on the conference topics, participants should find the right session room and be there at least 3 minutes earier to copy his ppt/pdf presentation into the laptop and get ready. Then the session chair will start the session on time, and give a grade to each presentation, which should be within 15 minutes, including Q&A.

Closing Ceremony & Banquet (2nd Day evening)

After all the sessions are finished, the conference chair and the organiser will be hosting a closing ceremony.

One Day Visit (3rd Day)

On 9 July, the day after the conference, the organizer will arrange an one day tour in Shanghai City.

Technical Committee
Previous Conference photos
View of Shanghai

Shanghai is the largest Chinese city by population and the largest city proper by population in the world. It is one of the four direct-controlled municipalities of the People's Republic of China, with a population of more than 24 million as of 2014. It is a global financial center,and a transport hub with the world's busiest container port. Located in the Yangtze River Delta in East China, Shanghai sits on the south edge of the mouth of the Yangtze in the middle portion of the Chinese coast. The municipality borders the provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang to the north, south and west, and is bounded to the east by the East China Sea.

For centuries a major administrative, shipping, and trading town, Shanghai grew in importance in the 19th century due to European recognition of its favorable port location and economic potential. The city was one of five opened to foreign trade following the British victory over China in the First Opium War while the subsequent 1842 Treaty of Nanking and 1844 Treaty of Whampoa allowed the establishment of the Shanghai International Settlement and the French Concession. The city then flourished as a center of commerce between east and west, and became the undisputed financial hub of the Asia Pacific in the 1930s

Hosting Organization

Asia-Pacific Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering Society (APCBEES)
Journal Publishing
International Journal of Chemical Engineering and Applications (IJCEA, ISSN: 2010-0221)
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