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2017 March Osaka Conferences were Successfully Held


From Mar. 28th to 30th, the 2017 3rd International Conference on Biotechnology and Agriculture Engineering (ICBAE 2017), the 2017 4th International Conference on Chemical and Food Engineering (ICCFE 2017) and the 2017 4th International Conference on Coastal and Ocean Engineering (ICCOE 2017) were held successfully in Osaka, Japan.

The conferences brought together over 100 scholars in the related field all over the world. Conference chair, Prof. Kokyo Oh from Center for Environmental Science in Saitama, Japan started the opening remarks and presented a keynote speech topic in“Perspectives of the Application of Phytoremediation Technology for Conservation of Agricultural Soils with Chemical Contamination”. Prof. Byoung Ryong Jeong followed another keynote speech titled “Morphogenesis and Flowering of Short Day Chrysanthemum in Response to Quality, Quality Shifting, and Positioning of Night Interruption Light”. After coffee break, Prof. Hyo Choi from Gangneung-Wonju National University, South Korea brought an excellent keynote speech topic in “Generation of Windstorm by Cyclogenesis in Semi-Enclosed Sea Surrounded by High Mountains of the Korean Northeastern Coast”. The audience actively involved in the Q&A after each speech and gained great knowledge from those brilliant presentations.

Branch session with variety related topics are held by different session chairs after the keynote speeches. Conference participants made presentations to share their work with scholars and got sincere advice from others. Best papers were selected by the session chair and rewarded for each session.

In the next day, participants visited the city of Osaka. It was a interesting day.

The conferences are aimed to introduce the latest technological development and academic research on hot issues of the related field. It provided a platform for domestic and foreign experts and technicians to exchange ideas and achievements.